Hey there hand wave, I’m Francis!

Thanks for checking out the webpage of a 🔭 planet discoverer, 👨‍🔬 researcher, 💻 developer, 🕷️ geek.

😄 About Me

  • I’m currently the Senior Data Science Manager at Hospital IQ, where our goal is to improve the productivity and happiness of every healthcare worker every day.

  • Pronouns: He/Him

  • Skills:

    • Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data: pandas scikit-learn jupyter numpy scipy Apache Spark

    • Programming: python Shell Script markdown java LaTeX PyCharm

    • Databases: mysql postgresql mongodb

    • Code Collaboration: git github bitbucket

    • Platforms: macOS ubuntu docker Amazon AWS Google Cloud TravisCI GitHub Actions

    and others.

  • 🧬 I support Ethical Software Licensing – DoNoHarm.org.

📫 Contact Info

How to reach me:

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What’s ‘An Independent Mind’ all about?

You may be wondering why this blog is called ‘An Independent Mind’. Well back in the olden days when Shareware was more common, and when you often had to register your software, there was often a required field for the company you worked out. But I was just a wee lad, so I didn’t have anything to put there. And so ‘An Independent Mind’ was born.

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All Models are Wrong