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Debunk Flat Earthers

less than 1 minute read

Carl Sagan debunks Flat Earthers using nothing more than a piece of cardboard:

How to talk to children

1 minute read

As a parent of two small children, I have to constantly remind myself that some positive or negative event that seems trivial to me may be incredible or deva...

(TIL) Pandas: Make Data Frame

less than 1 minute read

pandas has a built-in function makeDataFrame() to return a DataFrame containing random floats. Note that this is using the private API, and the exact details...

(TIL) Pandas: Read Clipboard

less than 1 minute read

The pandas.read_clipboard() method is as simple as it sounds: it reads copy-pasted tabular data and parses it into a Data Frame. For instance, try running...