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Setting up Git LFS

Install the package:

brew install git-lfs

To create a new Git LFS aware repository, you’ll need to run the following after you create the repository:

git lfs install

This installs a special pre-push Git hook in your repository that will transfer Git LFS files to the server when you git push.

Git LFS storage is content addressable: content is stored against a key which is a SHA-256 hash of the content itself. This means it is always safe to re-attempt transferring Git LFS files to the server; you can’t accidentally overwrite a Git LFS file’s contents with the wrong version.

If you have a Git LFS SHA-256 OID, you can determine which commits reference it with git log --all -p -S <OID>.

Note that there is currently no way of resolving binary merge conflicts with Git LFS.

Via Atlassian.

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