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Get_ddl statements

get_ddl returns a DDL statement that can be used to recreate the specified object. For databases and schemas, get_ddl is recursive, i.e. it returns the DDL statements for recreating all supported objects within the specified database/schema.

For example:

Return the DDL used to create a schema named seqschema, which contains table t1 and sequence seq:

select get_ddl('schema', 'seqschema');

              GET_DDL('SCHEMA', 'SEQSCHEMA')                 |
 create or replace schema SEQSCHEMA;                         |
 create or replace table T1(                                 |
 N NUMBER(38,0) NOT NULL                                     |
 );                                                          |
 create or replace sequence SEQ start with 2 increment by 2; |

Via Snowflake.