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Git: LFS Track

less than 1 minute read

When you add a new type of large file to your repository, you’ll need to tell Git LFS to track it by specifying a pattern using the git lfs track command:

Git: LFS Pull

less than 1 minute read

You can pull from a Git LFS repository using a normal git pull. No explicit commands are needed to retrieve Git LFS content. However, if the checkout fails f...

Git: LFS Prune

1 minute read

You can delete files from your local Git LFS cache with the git lfs prune command. This will delete any local Git LFS files that are considered ‘old’. An old...

Git: Migrate LFS hosting provider

less than 1 minute read

To migrate a Git LFS repository from one hosting provider to another, you can use a combination of git lfs fetch and git lfs push with the --all option speci...